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Bunny Ear Teether

$ 28.00 $ 32.00

Everything a teething baby needs! These bunny ear teethers feature a variety of textures for baby to explore and teeth on. Rough organic cotton terry cloth, smooth Japanese double gauze in sweet watercolor designs, and solid Maple accents.

Each Teether features a teething bead and ring secured together. Beads and rings are made from untreated US grown Maple which has been polished with organic beeswax and olive oil. The bunny ears can be removed from the Teether (dip them in water, freeze them, and then tie them back on for extra teething relief).

Care: remove ears, machine wash and dry. Hand wash bead and ring in mild soapy water, air dry.

Materials: US grown Maple, organic beeswax and olive oil, organic cotton terry cloth, cotton double gauze.


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